A Post, Long Overdue

I apologize for not posting anything in quite a while. School has simply become extremely time consuming; with practicing for about 4 hours a day on top of classes, I just simply haven’t been able to find the time. Hopefully, I can change that this summer. With a week and a half left of class, my workload has increased exponentially; drastically effecting the amount of time I am able to spend practicing. Before I found myself with ample time to practice technique, long tones, improvisation, tunes, and my sight-reading. Now however, I find myself only able to practice the tunes I am playing for my jury and my audition into the Jazz Studies department here at Loyola. While I find this slightly disheartening, I know that I will soon have more time to practice this summer.

I really excited for this summer because I will be beginning to take lessons from Tim Price, a extremely well versed saxophonist whom I have heard much of, however, have yet to meet. Additionally, I’ve been able to somehow snag lessons with both Ted Nash and Vincent Herring. Both of whom happened to be incredible improvisers and really nice guys. I had the chance to talk to Ted after a Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra concert that I attended in Baton Rouge. I will also be studying saxophone repair with Russ Ackerman part time, so that one day I might be able to fix woodwind instruments on the side. Additionally, I’ll be interning this summer with Reservoir Media Management in New York City. They are an up-incoming Music Publishing company that has just recently acquired some pretty big name song writers. Nevertheless, the one aspect of my summer that still mystifies me, is what I will be doing for money. So far, I haven’t a clue what I will be doing to fund my frequent trips to NYC jazz clubs, constant saxophone maintenance & repairs, reeds, the exorbitant amount of lessons I plan on taking, and the tenor saxophone I would someday like to purchase.

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