Grammy University Sound Check with John Mayer

I know, writing about this particular artist goes against the very name of my blog, however, I believe that it’s an important topic to speak about. Today, as part of the Grammy University program, I, along with some other students who happen to be planning on pursuing a career in the music biz, got the chance to sit in on John Mayer’s sound check before his performance tonight in New Orleans. Following that, we even got the chance to get a UNSCRIPTED Q & A with him. Now I, along with many other people, were eager to hear John play because, tossing aside the shit storm of bad publicity that he has recently been getting, he is one amazing musician.

Well, my loyal blog patrons, I stand before you corrected. I’m not going to lie, I (along with many other people) thought John Mayer was a dick. As a matter of fact, a couple times while on stage, his snide comments made me feel almost vindicated in my prior judgment of him. However, my assumption was incorrect. During the Q & A he proved to be first off, a really cool guy. He was incredibly sympathetic to the group of hopeful musicians he was speaking to and he gave straight forward advice without all of the bullshit most “superstars” today will feed you. He proved that he was and still is a hardworking musician just trying to make music that he can be proud of. Mayer also made sure it was clear that the rock star lifestyle is not filled with lavish all-night parties and getting shitfaced after every show, even though musicians today make try to make it seem that way. As he said, you as a musician need to make it seem as if you are living that life so that your fans can go out after the concert and party like they are living this “mythical lifestyle”. The sheer fact of the matter is that if you’re doing a show every single night, there is no possible way that you can get completely smashed every night and expect to have a mildly respectable career.

Overall, John Mayer really impressed me today. He spoke freely about his issues with the tabloids and a series of screw ups that has been depressing him. Now although some people say this was just “good PR” on John Mayer’s part, I beg to differ. The man I saw and spoke with today was incredibly open, sympathetic, and honest. So, even with all the shit that seems to be surounding John Mayer, I can proudly say that I am a fan, and I will continue to be.

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