My First Year In New Orleans

For those of you who don’t already know me, I’m Tim. I am studying jazz and the music business in a city that eats, sleeps, and breathes music. A city that is known for its wild parties and famous for its cuisine. A city that I have come to call home.

Being in New Orleans comes with its share of benefits and downfalls. You may find this absolutely insane, but in a city saturated with alcohol, I don’t usually drink too often. What most people don’t understand is that there is so much more to New Orleans than just the partying; even though New Orleans’ history is riddled with festivals and celebrations. The music scene here is certainly unlike anywhere else I have ever been.

I have learned more in my first year here than I have anywhere else and pushed my playing far past what I thought I could achieve (Thank you Ray!). Now that’s not to discount the great teachers I have studied under prior to this day: Les Silver, a great friend and player who still amazes me to this day, Eric Musselwhite, the man who taught me how to improvise and to truly open myself up to my music (who also happens to be one ridiculous saxophonist), and finally, my man Bruce Williams, one HELL of a player (a good friend as well) and someone who I know will be of great influence to me in the future.

Additionally, I have discovered that I can learn more valuable information by simply talking (and playing of course) with many of my friends here. Transferring was definitely interesting, but I do believe that it all worked out for the best.


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