Scott Robinson Rehearsal/ Masterclass

This weekend, Jazz Band I is performing with guest artist Scott Robinson. Peering over my fellow jazz scholars sitting in at the rehearsal, I notice that Robinson looks and acts like some sort of mad-jazz-scientist. With careful and methodical movements he analyzes the key-work, condition, and overall playability of the bass and baritone saxophones that he will be performing on during the concert. Robinson, with his large glasses, high forehead, slight owlish countenance, and black skin tight “Sexual Jazz” T-shirt, appears to be quite the intimidating individual upon first glance. However, that image soon begins to fades once we see Robinson’s character really come out through his playing. During the hour and a half long rehearsal, we truly get to hear some of the great music this man is making! Flowing from instrument to instrument, Robinson is a master of even the second biggest (Contra-bass is the biggest) played saxophone, the bass saxophone. I can’t even begin to imagine the support that goes into playing that monster. His melodic lines and vocabulary is extremely impressive and unmatched by all but maybe one baritone saxophonist (Joe Temperly). Listening to Robinson take solo after solo was truly a treat and I would sincerely recommend his music to any fellow music lovers out there.

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