Vincent Herring’s ‘All Too Real’

Alto Saxophonist Vincent Herring‘s recent release “All Too Real” is one of his strongest recordings to date, and that says a lot for the 46 year old. Since the early 1980’s when he was asked to fill in for Cannonball Adderley (Not an easy spot to fill) in Nat Adderley’s Quintet, he was has been garnering more and more critical acclaim for himself. Performing with everyone from Freddie Hubbard to Nancy Wilson, Vincent Herring has made quite a reputation for himself.

“All Too Real” features numerous high points including: “Yoko’s Delight, Invitation, and Love For Sale”. “Yoko’s Delight” starts off with a Freddie Hubbard inspired head featuring a duet between Jeremy Pelt on trumpet and Vincent Herring on Soprano saxophone. The tune has a fast latin feel that following the head quickly branches off into solos for Pelt and Herring respectively. Similar to “Yoko’s Delight”, “Invitation” is also set at a fast paced latin. Following a well played head, Herring starts off his solo with his characteristic growl and quickly heads off with a couple unexpected and delightfully colored notes. A funky latin based piano solo from Anthony Wonsey leads perfectly back into Herring’s interpretation of the standard’s head again one final time. In “Love for Sale”, Herring’s take on the standard melody leads into a high energy solo that drives the rest of the band til the end of the piece. All in all, Herring’s “All Too Real” is a seriously solid album with extremely well played solos and technically demanding melodies. With an all start cast like this, its a wonder this album is more recognized than it is.

Trumpet – Jeremy Pelt
Piano – Anthony Wonsey
Bass – Richie Goods
Drums – E.J. Strickland
Soprano & Alto Saxophone – Vincent Herring

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