A Review of George Howard’s: The Stream that Snuck up on You


Pandora Internet Radio

The Stream that Snuck up on You“, was posted by George Howard on  September 22, 2010. It is in reference to the shocking amount of streaming we find ourselves doing today. I know personally, I hardly ever purchase CDs anymore. Usually only for an artist or group that I really enjoy. With iTunes’ digital downloads garnering more and more support from younger and older generations we are heading headlong into the age of streaming.

Apple’s announcement that they will no longer be allowing individuals to own the content they purchase, was greeted with both shock and applause. Once this goes into effect, you will only be allowed to rent the videos or tv shows that you are watching, and this trend is most likely going to continue with music as well. Eventually, it is likely that apple will announce their decision to have all music on iTunes be available for rent only, pushing us further into an almost exclusively streaming market.

Howard states that the main reason why many of us haven’t noticed this trend is due in large part to the fact that it has occurred so slowly. Many people today, don’t want to deal with the hassles of CDs and CD cases. We have (un)fortunately (depending on how you feel about it) reached a point of no return. With the end of the CD looming, how will the music business change? How will it thrive in a digital world? People today want the music they want right this very moment. They do not want to have to search for the CD or even have to go purchase the CD at a retail store. It seems the hassles of having a couple hundred compact discs lying around your house are finally over.

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