A Never Ending Wasteland of Information

I’m not sure why, but lately i’ve found myself being less drawn into facebook and twitter than usual, whether this is simply a coming of age, or  sudden realization that maybe social media isn’t the answer to all of our problems, its got me thinking. Yes, facebook and twitter make communication much easier and with social media we can reach people in places that we couldn;t of even dreamed of years before, but is social media (twitter, facebook, blogs, wikis, flickr) really all its cracked up to be? Is it just me or have you also found yourselves getting sick of all the constant streams of information. It’s almost slightly maddening.

The sheer volume of information available on the internet has lead to the creation of websites such as stumbleupon.com, which essentially allow for ‘channel-surfing’ on the web. The scary part about this, is that more information is constantly put up on the interent. A source from Berkeley says that: “At 7.3 million new pages added every day, the rate of growth is [taking an average estimate] 0.1 terabytes of new information [HTML-included] per day.”

With this increasingly large volume of information constantly compounding itself into a never ending wasteland of websites, one might think that people will eventually go mad; I, tend to agree with those people.

Information overload…

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