Is the internet directly responsible for the lack of practicing ethic among many young musicians today?

Look’s like you’ll still need to put the time in if you want to play like Benjamin Herman.

For almost everyone, the internet has drastically changed how we feel about waiting. For young kids, the idea of waiting is a concept that is not easily understood, and it appears that the internet has drastically affected many musicians. Thanks to the internet in many ways, we are able to get exactly what we want, immeadiately. The same goes for musicians, at least, that’s what we wish. I know because I find myself doing it. Instead of practicing my scales or diatonic seventh chords once again, I look for ingenious new exercises that I know will take my saxophone playing up to a new level. The sad rationality is that this does not exist for musicians. We must simply put in the time if we expect to gain any sort of results. Even in the digital age, there is still nothing to combat good ole’ hard work.

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