The Fight Against Streaming: Coldplay

In a bold move that’s left EMI both dazed and confused, the British Alternative Rock Band, Coldplay, has refused to allow streaming of their music. Coldplay’s decision comes during a decisive shift in how major labels view streaming.  At a time when most record companies see streaming as a means to combat piracy, EMI will be forced to rely on digital downloads and physical copies (oh, what a shame!). With this decision, Coldplay joins acts Adele and Tom Waits in their strong stance against streaming. For Coldplay, however, it seems that their refusal to stream isn’t drastically effecting their success. Mylo Xyloto charted #1 in album sales in the UK with over 208,000 copies sold in the first week alone. For the UK, this is the biggest first week for digital album sales ever In the states, Coldplay sold over 122,000 copies in 3 days, with 40% of those sales in digital downloads alone (83,000 total). It should be noted, however, that both Coldplay and Adele seem to be uniquely able to deny streaming and yet see remarkable numbers in album sales. Whereas other musicians have seen a steady decrease in the number of physical copies sold, both Adele and Coldplay have continually seen rising sales figures in physical copies.

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