The Free Music Revue

For the sake of full disclosure, I’ll reiterate that I have an unnatural love for jazz music– I even have a blog entirely devoted to it. This means that I can frequently be seen at clubs and bars listening to music that most would scoff at the very thought of it being labeled ‘music.’ However, before this post escalates into a philosophical debate on what really constitutes music, let’s move on.

Infusing extended improvisational techniques with melodic ideas reminiscent of some early 90’s heavy metal bands, the Fulminate Trio, made up of Anders Nilsson on electric guitar, Ken Filiano on double bass and Michael Evans on drums, comes together to create an intensely interesting musical landscape. To pinpoint the exact genre in which the Fulminate Trio lies would be absolutely impossible, and at best guess I’d say it’s a cross between free jazz and experimental improvisational  music mashed with heavy metal and hardcore rock (though to say…

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